Specialized Training
Specially trained in cognitive-behavioral, positive psychology, interpersonal and spiritual development, dialectical behavioral therapy, traditional psychotherapy, as well as substance abuse, addictions and recovery. I have experienced working with adult trauma survivors, mood, thought and co-occurring disorders; extensive training in and credentialed in substance abuse/dependency treatment, assessment, diagnosis, and various levels of addictions including psycho-educational.  I also  have experience with various anxiety disorders, and the multiple addictions which lie at the root of anger, depression, weight management, and impulse control challenges. I have a background working closely in both outpatient and inpatient settings with at risk youth and the difficult transition between adolescence and adulthood. Additionally I have several years experience working with in the legal community, human services and local community mental health in a variety of settings.

Continued Education & Certifications

Advanced Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Overcoming Trauma & Addiction

Alaska Forum on Crystal Methamphetamine

Psychosocial Rehabilitation & Recovery

Anxiety Disorders

Psychotropic Medications

Bipolar Disorder

Recovery, Health, Wellness & Self-Care

Brain Science & Cognitive Restructuring

Relapse Prevention

Certified Drug Counselor since 2005

Science of the Art of Psychotherapy

Compassion Fatigue Syndrome (Burn-Out)

Spirituality & Psychological Treatment

Complimentary & Alternative Medicine

The Ever Changing Brain

Crisis Intervention, Suicide Prevention & Intervention

Treatment Planning

Critical Incident Stress Management

Trends in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

DBT for Adults, Adolescents & Families

Understanding Borderline Personality d/o

Diagnosis & of Bipolar Spectrum Disorder

Understanding Personality Disorders

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Understanding Schizophrenia

Eating & Anxiety Disorders, Treatment of


Effective Treatments for Dual Diagnosis

Assessments and Testing For:

Ethics Professional Boundaries & Cultural

  Bariatric Pre-Surgery Assessment

Ethics, HIPPA, Professional Confidentiality

  Career/Life Work Transition

Experiential Focusing

  Diagnostic Determination

Fundamentals of HIV Prevention

  Drug & Alcohol Use Disorders

Future of Counseling in Alaska


Healing Science Within DSM-IV-TR & DSM-V


Methamphetamine Epidemic




 Professional Affiliations

  • Alaska Commission for Behavioral Health Certification, 207 E. Northern Lights Blvd., #212, Anchorage, AK, Chemical Dependency Counselor I (2006-2010).

  • American Counseling Association, 5999 Stevenson Ave., Alexandria, VA (Member)

  • Alaska Counseling Association.

  • American Psychological Association (APA), Anchorage, AK 99511

  • Board of Professional Counselors, State of Alaska, State of, Registered Licensed Professional Counselor, License No 596.

  • EAGALA Equine Assisted Psychotherapy & Personal Development

  • International Convention of Psychologists, Cape Town, So Africa (Member)

  • International Positive Psychology Association, 19 Mantua Road, Mt Royal, NH

  • PATH International Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International