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Success Story

Success for Mike, overwhelmed by anxiety and unstable relationships:
"Wanted to say thanks for the good service.  I won't say that you're treatment was a magic cure all but you definitely gave me the tools and warning indicators to manage anxiety and anger specifically. My sleep, health and decision making has improved greatly. I'm moving in a couple weeks to my home-town with my girlfriend. 

Success story from a single mother of two young children. Jenny was paralyzed by Anxiety and Relationship Ambivalence. She shares after her therapy experience:

"I feel good. I feel happy, and every day I feel closer to being whole. As you know I moved out of my significant other’s house (May 20 something) and changed my number, e-mail, everything I needed to. At first it was rough, horribly so. I doubted my choice and wondered what life would bring. I had a mini meltdown where I questioned everything in life...luckily I had some good friends and family willing to listen to me whine, and I pulled through it. The ex found my new number (mutual friends I'm sure) and text me a few times after I left. I will admit at first I responded, which is probably why I had my mini meltdown, because I was still letting him in. Finally I just stopped responding, regardless of what he said, and he's said quite a bit. Eventually he stopped as well, for the most part. He's tried about every 30 days or so to get a hold of me by sending a text or two...I haven't said a word. By now I realize that's his M.O. It took me a while to not want to text back or to not let it affect me, but I've gotten to that point, and OMG does it feel nice . . . Where I used to get agitated almost immediately and feel like I HAD to say something back, now I can just shake my head and delete the text. So this is what letting go feels like. Awww. 

I took some time to write out my grief and my feelings in letters I never sent. I wrote down everything I was feeling, bad or good. Then I started to build up my “self-talk” arsenal, and I must say, that it is my saving grace. While I'm still working on it, I am improving on a daily basis. I enrolled in school again . . . I received a raise at work and am still excelling. I start my mornings at 5am at the gym and find that being active again has made the biggest difference in my happiness levels  I can honestly say I haven't been here before in life. While some days are harder than others, and I still get overwhelmed with the girls and parenting, I feel good. I feel happy, and every day I feel closer to being whole.

Thank you for everything!"