Wise Ways for Leaders and Careproviders

Presentations & Workshops
We provide behavioral and mental health for teams, organizations and agencies according to brain science, positive psychology and mindfulness. You can improve staff moral, retention, and wellness for direct service professionals as informed by the new sciences in organizational leadership and development. These workshop address the obstacles we face in an effort to balance productivity between the needs of consumers and the needs of care providers and management. For community outreach and advocacy teams, organizational performance could be described as the ability to meet the needs of our clients as well as attract and retain staff.

Mental Health for Serving Organizations
Organizational theories and research suggests that in-congruency between values contributes to staff dissatisfaction and eventual fall-out. Of the values suggested personal growth and self-worth rates high for employees and job seekers. To address this challenge we might consider practices that encourage self-reflection, self-compassion, and less reactivity in the work-environment, and placing attention on one’s individual needs while fueling up to serve others. This is a challenge in a wavering economy and organizational flux. For those who care for others, we address what has been traditionally referred to as "burn out" or "compassion fatigue."

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